No Mistake

Ever forget the name of someone when making an introduction?  Ever say one thing, but mean another? These are functions of our conscious mind.  Self-help books reveal how to improve our memory, increase our vocabulary or sharpen our mental acuity. But...

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Lets Fight to Prevent Cancer

Keeping our body at its optimum health is a necessity when we want to protect it from harmful disease. Some believe that for illnesses like cancer, there is nothing you can do to prevent them from occurring. Fortunately, this...

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Farmers markets: Why they are causing so much buzz around the community

Recently I have noticed a lot of farmers markets popping up around Maryland, whether in rural areas or in the city, we are seeing them flourish and become popular. Many of us wonder why nutritionists and health care professionals...

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Healthy Tips When Eating Out

Eating has more than just a nutritional component to it. Around the world and in various cultures it brings together people in a social perspective. Eating out has become a way to celebrate occasions, holidays, and a way to...

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Fruits and Vegetables that Make Us Love Summer

It’s finally summer time. We are all anxious to break out of our normal routines and enjoy the weather. Besides the sunshine, there are other things in the summer that we should be thankful for and take full advantage...

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What is the Deal with Whole Grains?

Recently we have seen everywhere we go that whole grains have become such an important part of our diet and are better for us than bleached flour and grains. You may wonder why this is the case. As the...

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The Importance of Water

We need water! Water makes up 60-70% of our bodies. We can live a month without food, but wouldn’t last past a week without consuming water. It only makes sense that it is the most important thing we put in...

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How to Read Food Labels

One of the most complicated tasks when going to buy groceries at the store is reading the food label that tells you exactly what is in the item you are looking at. It may be frustrating, but...

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