It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Spending time on vacation, gathering with friends and family, celebrating your holidays and traditions. With all of these fun moments we often enjoy and celebrate with delicious foods. Most of us dread and fear weight gain; however there are ways to enjoy the tasty holiday foods. A few simple ideas to keep in mind when eating holiday foods include the following:

    • Always make a plate: When you go to a party, make a plate for yourself with the food you want to eat. Standing over the appetizers will entice you to keep grabbing more without you realizing how much you have consumed. Making a plate of food allows you to see how much you are eating.
    • Portion control: It’s the holidays, you deserve to treat yourself to that piece of apple pie or holiday pastry, and however the best way to avoid weight gain is to eat the dessert in moderation. Take a slice of pie and cut it into two and give the other half to someone else. This will prevent you from eating the whole slice even when you decided to only eat half of it.
    • Fill up on vegetables and main dishes to prevent over eating of the desserts and food items that may be worse for you. If you are full you are less tempted to over indulge on desserts.
    • Don’t forget to exercise! Family and friends are great partners for exercise. Enjoy a nice walk or bike ride with them, take them to your favorite jogging spot or gym class and just enjoy each other’s company.

These are some great tips to follow. Remember to relax, enjoy the time you have during the holidays with loved ones, and keep your healthy habits up!


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