Recently I have noticed a lot of farmers markets popping up around Maryland, whether in rural areas or in the city, we are seeing them flourish and become popular. Many of us wonder why nutritionists and health care professionals rant about farmers markets. Why are they different from our local grocery stores? Farmers markets are in fact a great source for fresh produce and even fresh meats, many even believe they have a better selection of fresh foods than our local grocery store. In fact farmers markets offer the local community a chance to purchase locally grown fruits, vegetables, and meats at an affordable price. Buying fruits and vegetables locally means that they did not have to go through any harsh travels to get to your hands. Less pesticides and products were used to preserve and grow the items because they were destined to be given to the community right where they were grown.  Farmers markets are an excellent place to find organic food. Organic foods are treated with minimal pesticides and give the animals all natural diets, which can be more beneficial to your health. It is also often heard that fruits from markets taste a little sweeter and vegetables are more vibrant in color and taste.

Purchasing these items at your local market not only gives you delicious fruits and vegetables, but it also helps your community in return. What you purchase at your local market directly goes to your community, whether it’s to the farmer, the market, or the actual community area itself. All of these areas directly affect how your community strives, and when your community is doing well there are greater opportunities for you to do well whether it is at a job, school, or your overall health in general. I am all for farmers markets due to their wonderful accessibility for the community to receive great fruits, vegetables, and poultry at the best price and quality. I recommend finding your local community market and visit them to see exactly what everyone is buzzin’ about!


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