Ever forget the name of someone when making an introduction?  Ever say one thing, but mean another?

These are functions of our conscious mind.  Self-help books reveal how to improve our memory, increase our vocabulary or sharpen our mental acuity.

But there’s no book filled with tips about how to improve your heart’s response to adrenalin or how to enhance your lung’s ability to oxygenate blood!  Why?  Because these are just two examples of millions of functions your body controls and regulates with not a single conscious thought from you.

How does this relate to a headache, back pain or the crick in your neck?

Your body is designed to survive.  Virtually every sign or symptom that we traditionally think of as an illness is merely your body’s best attempt at survival.  No errors.  Zero mistakes.  When your body feels threatened, it responds in a variety of ways to get your attention.  To encourage you to change.  To teach a lesson.  To tell you its capacity to accommodate or adapt to stress has been exhausted.

That’s amazing.  Even radical.  And to think, all of this is controlled and regulated by your nervous system–whose integrity and function for us is Job No. 1.

The Doctor

Dr. Bryant Harris knew from a young age that he was destined to impact the lives of others and be of service to his community, but not so much in what capacity. His passion, enthusiasm and energy for life and those who surround him has been seen in all aspects of his life – be it on the lacrosse field, swimming pool, tennis court, or in the office serving the members of his practice.

His life has been an amazing journey filled with numerous obstacles that helped shape and evolve him into who he is today. At the forefront of that evolution has been Chiropractic since his first adjustment at the age of 16, which left a lasting impression on his life. While pursuing his B.A. in Sociology (Pre-Med) from Duke University, he had a revelation that in order to make the impact he wanted to he had to diverge from the norm – at that moment he made the decision to become a Chiropractor. After receiving his B.A., he shifted his body and his consciousness to Hayward, CA to where he attained his Doctorate of Chiropractic and graduated with Honors. Through that experience, he grew his appreciation for being a part of so many healing processes and to watch people grow into the individuals they were destined to be. He expresses immense gratitude for being able to say he has found his life’s purpose and to be a conduit for healing, vitality and life expression.

Currently, he is working towards a Diplomate with the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA). Through this post-graduate work, he is able to impact the lives of families who had lost hope as a result of traditional approaches to common childhood illness and pregnancy concerns. Additionally with the knowledge that the ICPA has given him, he attained a Certification in the Webster Technique.  For him, serving life is about unconditional love and creating an opportunity for people to reconnect to themselves and experience full expression of their innate self through the chiropractic adjustment.

The Practice

Located in heart of Washington, DC, TruCentered™ Chiropractic Care is a place that thinks radically different about health.  We are dedicated to helping people regain their life and allowing them to go about truly living again.  This Washington DC chiropractor serve all ages and walks of life – from newborns to their great-grandparents. People who are healthy and those who are less than healthy.  At TruCentered™ Chiropractic Care, we are committed to YOUR health, YOUR life and YOUR human potential.

TruCentered™ Chiropractic Care is a space in which we will assist in shifting your awareness towards a more vitalistic and holistic way of life by trusting the innate healing potential of one’s own body.  Every day our chiropractors see members of the Washington DC community become more and more interested in understanding how to take care of themselves and receive more out of life.  At TruCentered™ Chiropractic Care, we serve these needs with ongoing education and information, our intention is to lead people to fulfilling their highest potential in life.

At TruCentered™ Chiropractic Care, you will be cared for as a unique individual and special human being; you will never be treated like a case with a condition, ID number or file. People here receive hope and inspiration instead of prognosis or prescription.

Those who choose to seek help from TruCentered™ Chiropractic Care can be assured that they will receive only the finest quality care through the utilization of modern chiropractic equipment and technology.   Through the use of our heads, heart, and hands we are able to facilitate growth and healing by means of a precise and gentle chiropractic adjustment.

At TruCentered™ Chiropractic Care you will experience a different way of thinking about life, healing and wellness. It is a place where care is provided through an understanding and respect of the power that creates life.

DrBryant Harris
TruCentered™  |  Your life aligned.
TruCentered™ Chiropractic Care  |  4708 Wisconsin Avenue NW  Suite 101 • Washington DC 20016
202 248-1704  |  Fax: 202 318-7598 | www.trucentered.com


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