Touch of Love Couples Massage Lesson

While Tocar Spa is always privileged to serve, there are times when your needs are best met through the hands of your loved one. With this in mind, we empower couples with our unique Touch of Love Couples Massage Lessons. Our innovative approach integrates the intimate setting of couple’s massage with the expertise of our nationally licensed massage therapists. Each couple will receive one-on-one instruction as well as participate in a group lecture (if applicable) covering the fundamental principles of massage, practical techniques, and application of massage.


Bring the healing home with a custom 2-hour couples massage lesson. In our Touch of Love Couples Massage lesson participants will experience massage in an entirely new light. Individuals will learn, experience, and practice techniques taught by our senior massage therapist. This practical set of massage skills is sure to give your date nights a boost.

Lesson Structure:

Each participant will receive a 30-minute professional massage followed by a 30-minute instructional massage lesson. By first receiving a massage the participant will have the opportunity to get a feel for the flow and rhythm of a typical massage session. This will give the couple an opportunity to practice what they’ve just learned.

As an added bonus, the couple will receive a SPECIAL take home gift from Tocar Spa: a bottle of massage oil infused with Aromatherapy and a massage tool for your practice at home.

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