Our Growing Sports Massage Practice

Our Growing Sports Massage Practice

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I’ve had the honor and privilege to serve as a sports massage therapist for the US Soccer Federation’s under 17 (U17) and under 20 (U20) men’s national teams over the past 4 years.  This amazing opportunity has taken me all over the world, even to places I wouldn’t have dreamed of visiting before. Becoming a traveling sports therapist has given me a unique window into elite athletic principles, mainly on recovery and proper body maintenance.  The good news is that we are able to translate the big organization principles in to private clinic applications that immediately benefit our clients.

Recent Experiences

  • U20 – 2019 World Cup (Poland)
  • U20 – 2018 World Cup Qualifiers (IMG Academy, Bradenton,FL)
  • U17 – 2017 World Cup (India)
  • U20 – 2017 World Cup (South Korea)
  • U17 – 2017 World Cup Qualifiers (Panama)

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