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No one is more equipped to provide comprehensive, detailed, and problem specific solutions to your treatment plan than us.

Stephen Conti
Owner | Lead Therapist
Our Ethos
Massage. Recover. Restore.

Our belief is that while your needs may change each visit, our personal touch doesn’t.

What we mean by ‘touch’

Touch is a sacred form of communication. We know that you are trusting our touch will be safe and healing. Our therapists are trained to correct muscle imbalances and promote relaxation.

What we mean by ‘customized experience’

Each massage is unique. One day your back may be the focus and another day your feet. Regardless of your concern we offer a specific plan to address that concern and help facilitate the healing that your body needs and deserves.

We offer a range of treatment options to suit your needs. Explore whats available to you.

– Our team

Building the right team takes time. We carefully vet, evaluate, and train our therapists in the ‘Tocar Way’ before they are allowed to treat our clients.

Our methodology is rooted in the customer experience. We aim to provide a perfect balance of relaxation and therapy into each session. This approach allows us to treat each client and each session as unique, and to honor that session with the absolute best we can offer.

We have expanded our services into the digital world. You are now able to experience Tocar from the convenience and comforts of your own home. See what wellness options are available to access, no matter where you are.

Our Therapists
Massage. Recover. Restore.
Our founder

Stephen Conti

Stephen brings over 16 years of experience to his clients. His broad work experience includes work for high end luxury spas, and massage franchises alike.  Some of his key experience includes contract work with the United States Soccer Federation and the University of Maryland Athletic Department.

Stephen founded Tocar with the goal to provide quality massage therapy experiences for everyone in need.

I believe that everyone deserves to feel good. To have the ability to live life on your own terms is priceless. Massage therapy is a bridge that connects the body and the mind, a place to decompress both mentally and physically.

Léson Fleet, LMT

Léson (pronounced Lay-ahn) is a recent graduate of the College Southern Maryland’s Massage therapy program where she excelled in the study of holistic wellness, psychology, and both therapeutic and medical massage.   

She is guided by her kind-hearted nature and her purposefulness which initially led her to the practice of Massage Therapy, from which she has been able to make a direct impact in the community.

Her massage sessions are often described as a perfect balance of tranquility and restoration. She particularly enjoys focusing on the neck, scalp, and feet using myofascial release techniques.  

Léson has expertise in both the therapeutic and sports massage settings and has recently completed several continuing education courses including; massage cupping and clinical sports massage. 

Some of her key experiences include contract work with University of Maryland Athletic Department and the District of Columbia Public School System (DCPSS).

Our Studio
Massage. Recover. Restore.

Your treatment room is inviting you to relax your body and declutter your thoughts.

“I have been able to avoid injury working as a nurse at the bedside. I have also been able to improve my athletic performance and strength due to massage being a part of my wellness.” – Lindsay J

“I always feel like Tocar is there just for me; it’s never crowded, never just a place to get a massage, but it’s always the personal connection with Stephen and the truly relaxed atmosphere that makes it unique. I would 100% recommend Tocar to any one of my friends or family.” – Ana N

“Our favorite part of the Tocar Spa experience is the feeling of rejuvenation after each session which dramatically increases our mental, emotional & physical health.” – Michelle T 

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