Couples Massage Lesson Tutorial

Enjoy and experience a healthy touch at home with our simple to follow lesson.

– Self-care videos

Self-Care extends well beyond the treatment room. Utiilze these self-care videos to maintain your wellness in between sessions.

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– Self-care downloads

Download essential clinic forms and self-care resources that will help you find patterns and recognize the areas of your life that need more attention.

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– Our packages


This is a great package for fitness enthusiasts and self-care junkies who need an occasional body tuneup this package. 


For our clients whose schedule won’t allow for monthly massages, this is a great way to save big and take care of yourself frequently. 


Receive two free massages with our Annual package. Designed for couples who are on the go, you can split the 14 sessions evenly, or take all for yourself. 

Massage is beneficial for every person – whether it is to relax, work through an injury, or go for injury prevention, massage can help.